Brian Clark Woodworks makes custom, handmade furniture from the highest quality,  local North American hardwoods and softwoods.  Traditional joinery and handplaned and chiseled surfaces are featured, and all finish is applied by hand with a rag or brush.


Whether inspired by the splintering design movements that arose in the beginning of the 20th century, or by a single, crude, antique farm table, I’m drawn to highly functional, well-proportioned furniture.  I’d prefer to rethink the proportions of a given table than  focus on the parameters of a particular time period or design tradition.  Inspiration may come from a variety of sources but my work strives to look right in its surroundings, eschews needless flashiness and is built from top quality materials and hardware.  In any and every step of the process- turning legs on a lathe, determining the appropriate degree of round for a plane blade or creating the correct color for finish- it’s vital that the forms and surfaces harmonize with and enrich the home it inhabits.

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